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Re: Older fevices

I own an iPhone 6 and can't run CH. It crashed after a few minutes in a crowded area. When Im alone in an area with few people, it doesn't crash. As for BT and Gele raids, it crashed immediately. I have the latest IOS and graphics all the way down.

Re: Kill steal

He was banned once but was allowed back. He probably thinks that he will get another less severe punishment if he does it again. Even if some of his toons are banned, he plays on other toons while waiting for his accounts to be unbanned. I've spoked with Tadaaah and the Support team personally durin...

Dragon Count in Each Pit

Quick Question: How many dragons did y'all see in each pit? Idk if spawn is random or not, but I saw only 2 dragons (205 edl and 210 smolach) alongisde with aggy. Mordris was 220 arcane dragon 5* and sunclaw alongside mordris. We were told that in each pit there will be a spawn on 5 dragons--totalin...

Re: Carnage without bosses

Banzai416 wrote:Skain 6 finally spawned on danu for the first time... This event should just be renamed to ymir carnage.

Finally something we can agree on... It took 24hrs to actually have a skain full spawn... Very fun. If I recall, I think over 10 Ymirs have already spawned in Danu.

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