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Re: Anything in creation now?

Well imo they missed their chance to "fix" the broken DG armor...I realize it's supposed to be a dps set but bt helm could've been the piece to really tie the set together with resists/hp/mp that the DG set lacks...naturally progressing into helm to really gain survivability and also the f...

Re: Most dedicated fan EVER!

Second DMG ALL worlds...I don't see you anywhere lol maybe u just think far too highly of yourself bud...you pretend to not know where this is coming from yet you alone were the one who created/posted/deleted the video...again if u wanna throw rocks at a bear be ready when it charges and one piece o...

Re: Most dedicated fan EVER!

Keep linking YouTube vids but when you have something of merit and substance then bring it here but if you prefer to get your thoughts and opinions from others you'll never achieve gorilla status...2nd DMG all servers buddy and happy you know of me:) second only to scar whom you apparently look up t...

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