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Re: Fingal economy

Exp 4k Combos 12-14k. Health, energy 2-3 k. Haste 3-5 k. Restos 20-25 crate Idols 100g each. Other lix 1k. Mount and pet tokens 40-50 k. Prices vary and jump often. Whykickamoocow is only clan that does proteus, gele atm. Peacekeepers next in line. Most clans roll for drops at boss by class, cows us...

Re: How to control a grieved Necro?

Play on a server with no griefing... if not, suck it up and hope they quit... and don’t give them so much attention because they thrive off of that I'm destined to play in Fingal. It's not about them wanting to grief to grief, they wanna grief so they win it, at any cost, standing in ls area saying...

Re: Servers down?

I can log in but having major lag and disconnects repeatedly within seconds of reconnecting. This started (the dc) when otm started the ah monitoring, although I did manage one lix today without a dc, the lag thoe is always there. Also when i opened chests today some items werent stated just ???. Af...

Re: Serious lag

What I don't understand is why otm doesn't test the update before releasing it, we all knew this lag would happen,, so why not pre fix?? And personally, if rather have the game expanded beyond current lvl, than to have things like fishing, cooking,.

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