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Ty vr

After many prot kills it is clear there have been a much higher chance of a pure, infct it is sort of common to get one from prot now. Although jewelry still dodo having to deal with mighty rings and braces but ty for increasinf pures :)

Re: Pegasus

Mind wrote:
Legacyte wrote:
Mind wrote:Potential recruits:
Plz join! We'd love to have you! :D
Unless your name is Raburto; one Raburto is already hard to handle

Now its all :D

:P As it should be lol (nub).

Why nub :(


Rend is honestly an awesome skill, will vr ever make gear for it? There is very few gear for rend only thing i can think of from the back of my head is mordy rings.... we deriously need more rend gear

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