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Re: Banned account.

I was wrongfully banned once. I pmed Morgana and my issue was sorted within a few hours. She's your best bet. Hope this helps. Morgana hasn’t logged for 6 months on the forums :( I come back after 2 years to see she hasn’t logged since March... then randomly she comes back as I go to mention that.....

Re: Xfering

And they get mad when i make a post about drama in celtic heroes IMO dramas the only thing that keeps the game interesting, usually it comes from competition, with no drama/comp the game becomes hella boring. Except for those one or two real people you meet over the years, you can lose interest ver...


Xferring from Mabon, can do any amount the other person wants to, 5-10m would be ideal, will use a middleman to make it fair for both parties.

Re: Banned account

It's been a whole day and no reply from support or appeals for my account being wrongfully banned. How much longer is this going to last? Feel free to share whatever "suspicious activity" my account Apparantly has, I'm really intrigued.

Banned account

Why's my account been banned? ?? Till like forever? Wtf. I've spent tons on this game and haven't "violated any rules". Show me whatever proof you have of me breaking rules. All I posted was quitting the game, selling everything, I meant items not the bloody account.

Re: Xfering 500k gold here

Alyssandra wrote:
IKFROMMABON wrote:Xfering 500k gold from mabon to here pm me here or my LINE id is IKFROMCH

We tend to use wechat, not line, there's a server-wide trading group there. May find someone. ^^

Thank you, I just joined the we chat group and posted there :)


I'm hearing a lot of good things about epona, currently playing mabon but I'd like to start a toon here. How are the endgame clans? How many endgame clans are there? How are prices? Could anyone basically explain how epona is please

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