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Re: A Beast Awakens

bob the mage wrote:
Mind wrote:
Difinitus wrote:What are you hoping to see most with the new boss?

Gonna beat Curry and say a chicken helm (since I said it first, I get it, right?)

But cool weapons mostly tbh (please have an Elephant Hammer :D)

Uhhh why elephants?

I agree, plz no... XD

Re: A Beast Awakens

It looks like this topic got derailed, choo choo :(. Please do not discuss information regarding the beta or share that you have information about the beta when you are not suppose to! What are you hoping to see most with the new boss? So sad ;-; I want the new boss to drop some dragon meat so I ca...

Re: A Beast Awakens

It's not really cheating (as cheating is usually understood) to know private beta information, but it's not allowed. If you think it's fine, then please list the names of those who shared information with you. If there's nothing wrong with sharing private beta information, there's nothing to worry ...

Re: A Beast Awakens

I mean its hardly bragging and its hardly cheating, if knowing information in beta without being a beta tester is cheating then dmn I guess half the people playing the game is cheating, eveeyones human, humans give up information fairly easy tbh no matter who it is while playing games. Im pretty co...

Re: A Beast Awakens

Correct, Arcane was my last beta test and was one of those who did speak out about the crystals spawning too fast but my point is, you have to go through different strats to find the right one, during that beta test we didnt know to kill the crystals straight from the start, it took time and tests ...

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