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Looking to buy chests paying on arawn lmk what server you can do(this is open to any server that's why I'm placing in general discussion)

Re: Mount shop

Morganlefay wrote:
Elfylolz wrote:
Morganlefay wrote:
This is the exact idea I put in f&s sunday.

xD yeah my topic wasn't big by then I suppose but cool that we had the same idea :lol:

I like the way you think, sir. Great job :D

Hehe ty

Re: Mount shop

So I just saw this post asking about a mount shop and I had an idea that I think could be cool. What if it was a random mount shop, all the mounts from shops before but when you pick a mount all you know is the speed of it and it could be any mount of that speed from wings to staff etc like a gambl...

Bank toon

What is VRs standing on a toon shared between a group of friends(not of the same clan) used only for keeping items/gold for them to share? I remember back in the day on bele the two richest people on server did it

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