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Paying 11m fingal for 9m gwyd or 200 chests gwyd(I want chests more which is why the gold is a bit more fair for me)

Re: Leaderboards

It wont update until you've hit half way is what Ive heard. Also VR needs to remove the hacker people who are rank 96 and the other impossible ranks. But I don't expect any action to be taken there. That is so stupid, it won't update until you're halfway? Why? I hit the rank and I'm about 4/10 thro...


I hit rank 16 on pvp(Pro Tection) and I should be either first or second in pvp on fingal. That was about 3 days ago and I'm already halfway to rank 17 but the leaderboards aren't processing it. It took me months of grinding to reach it and I'd really appreciate it if I could have the right place. ;-;

Re: Bring old Mounts back?

-1 Everytime one of these threads come up I always give the same answer. Bringing stuff back will not solve the root issue and only causes problems for some people for no reason. The main problem is the newer mounts not being as memorable or unique as the older mounts, so it would be much simpler a...

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