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Any news?

Hi, Any news on the release dates of the next update? I thought I saw Muldar comment somewhere that he hoped to give us more info by the end of the week.

Re: How is Lugh right now?

Oh, shut it ghostly, everyone who reads the forums can judge you for exactly who you and your clan are. I saw no griefing at your hour-long Smolach. We have fun in Alliance. We decided to streak you guys. It was funny, get a grip.

Re: Axis vs Alliance

For everyone's information, Axis was started by some Alliance members while they were in alliance. Alliance worked on an honor system and that was badly abused by those members, who hoarded way more than a few drops to help a friend. Alliance basic premise is simple, if you got gear with the clans h...

Re: Is OTM deleting the 215+ Arcane Bounty complaint posts?

Whenever I read these complaints, I wonder about the servers you play on. On Lugh, we all group up and help as we come across each other in arcane. TBH, it's been fun hanging out with clannies again rather than going off solo. I can solo all of these mobs when spec'd as a dps druid and don't see the...

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