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Xfer to Nuada

A clannie of mine is looking to xfer from Lir to Nuada. His name on Lir is Xeberus and it is TheRealBob on Nuada.

Please PM me for more information and thanks!

Xfer to Nuada

A clannie wants to xfer from here to Nuada. His name on Fingal is Fire Rage and his name on Nuada is Snap Shot.

PM me for more information and thanks!

Re: Family ambicious clan

Whatever haters may say about this clan, they don't really know much about it. As a general who has been in this clan since it came out of the downfall of DEATHSEEKERS (which was 7 months ago), I have experienced everything that has to do with being a PsychO. I must say that this clan is one of the ...


Hey guys, PsychO has worked hard to figure out the timers of all the bosses from frozen to dl. We are a clan from Nuada who enjoy having fun with each other for the grind of frozen and dl bosses. Thanks to all who helped from the clan and I wish to see many more people in Nuada and, maybe even, join...

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