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xPlatform Anxiety

I hope no account data gets lost tonight during server downtime. I've been working hard af on my Druid, it'd be a shame if something happened to it..

Re: @Team OTM

I'm writing this coming off a 4th gele try ruined coz of OTM shameful way of dealing with their deficiencies . And that's just todays. We been complaining about the lag on Fingal since months and all you guys do is send Muldar and reply 'Is currently under investigation'. He's doing his job well, b...

Re: Android Growth/Shrink charms!

+1, i'd be happy with 1hr lixes in the plat shop. maybe OTM won't implement this because they don't like making money? It would be 4x the cost of a regular lix so they wouldn't make anymore money off them than the normal lix I would gladly spend my plat on growth/shrink lix Androids been around a w...

Android Growth/Shrink charms!

I keep doing the daily quest and using up my growth and shrink potions. Five minutes of gratification a week are not enough! I love my +6 Life steal Silverweb charm but I would gladly eat it if I could wear a shrink charm instead! Please OTM I beg of you! Bring the growth/shrink charms to Android! I...

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