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Re: Revival Chests

Because some who can't afford chests they get deleted, now stay on your ugly servers without getting enough money to afford better.

Let the unique and players silly complains provide you the money.

Re: Revival Chests

Worst decision , We platinum buyers run your game. As long you don't provide us with something we like we aren't gonna spend on those rubbish chests. Adding them for one day and delete because some complains is bs , Was planning to spend more than 3.8k$ , now it's nothing and will always stay. Playe...

Re: Add mount whistles as possible items in event chests - Sign with your mount's name if you agree!

Adding them to chests will make them just like idols , cancelling them is better.

However , any option of these is Good because paying millions to get the mount then you can rarely use it unless you buy whistles with platinum everytime you run out is annoying.

Owner of 5 L6 silver mounts.

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