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Re: Bottleneck at DL

At this point with DL being so far removed from the premiere gear maybe removing placeholders wouldn’t be a bad idea and keep progression faster. Being able to achieve the top echelon gear I can see why the drops rates can be low but DL hasn’t been that for years. I can see both sides to it and impr...

Re: Insurgence recruiting

Hi Gwyidon, Check out our vid and who we are... https://youtu.be/yJOY097myBU Insurgence is looking for new members to join our ranks. We’re a small clan of dedicated players who are looking to help people progress & have fun together. If your interested pm me for details. Love the video. Good l...

Re: EG gear help

Let me run this by you guys. My current ring set up is as such: Divine ring Royal Necro dagger ring Reaper Runic valor Will replace Runic with a Necro dagger ring as soon as I can my question is this: for hotswapping divine ring I was thinking of swapping in a godly aetheric quickstrike ring and a ...

New Shaman token fash

I love the new fash especially with the effect. But I think OTM has been watching too much Game of thrones cause now teh server looks like a cross between starks and wyldlings. Plus we got dragons now too plus wolf pets too. Any other game of thrones type aspects you guys would like to see?

Re: Holiday Season

Muldar wrote:
FlameBlade wrote:Maybe a hat quest? :D Boy have I missed those.

Hmmm, now that you mention it, I do think I saw a new face in Farcrag Castle... he was saying something about hats ;)

Just made my day!! Can't wait.

Re: Am I the only one out there without millions in gold??

I think I'm the official promoter on this by now... MERCH, trust me, best way to make gold. It wasn't farming, bossing, or plat that got me to 190(carrow time) and bought me high end gear. I turned 10k into over a quarter billion in net worth in 2 years, just by making the right decisions. As we sp...

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