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Re: Proper Ranged Combat For Dl?

bolas isn't boosted by dex so there is no point going dex build if you want it to land more, Ranged combat supposedly boosts bolas, therefore you'd assume it lands more with a higher ranged combat but from what i can tell when switching to ranged combat gear the difference is minimal, i could be wro...

Re: Which helm.-.?

If i was you id go with DL helm for any endgame bosses that are affected by Divine damage and the hrung helm for leveling and event bosses where the extra divine damage doesn't make a difference.

Purple tokens

Is there any point in saving these for the next event or will they be obsolete and change every event. Due to the fact its almost impossible to max level the best pets with the current token system i was thinking i'd save them unless they will be obsolete next event.

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