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Re: Morrigan is down

"Hey Heroes, The server was fine, but we are going to continue and monitor the situation. This is still in our high priority list to address. Thank you for your patience." ^ already expecting this type of response, no need to repeat it. I had tunnel vision for a second and thought it was ...

Re: Morrigan is down

Well the fact that theres still the same glitches occuring too. Move an area and your screen stops loading anything. Use too many items and the device stops responding. Happens in sync with long distance it cant be just my wifi -.- i thought there was bug fixes in last update ;(


Its about time i do this, an introduction. Hey this is DubNinja from the Server: Morrigan in this game CH. Some people may know me from diff servers but for anyone interested, im available to get to know better. Ive played this gwme since 2011 but was off and on and even made a new char after i dele...

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