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I Seek to Buy!

Hello! It’s Anka here. There have been some items I have been seeking for much time and have not found :( I am looking for: Sparkling Beltane Garlands, desire pink most but would love any colour Rose Frost Faerie Charm, any effect or plain Stardust Pink top hat Pink Broom >.< I have many more items ...

Re: T8 offhands skills

Do ranged offhands really add dex as well? My skill only adds damage, when I check stat page there’s no increase in dex or attack/def, skill description also mentions nothing about increasing dex. I use the Crossfire (longshot) is this the case for those using the other one?

The Corrupted Gardens offhands

Hey guys, I’ve heard about there being two different types of quivers with the gardens release, one that boosts sharp shot and one that boosts longshot. Can anyone tell me the difference between the two? Are the stats and skill different other than the skill damage boost? Couldn’t find any info so t...

Re: Lich VS reaver

Mind wrote:...so dps wars go for reaver?
or does it depend?

I think dps warr would go for reaver based on the ammy, but I haven’t seen the warr items for Lich side so I’m not certain

Re: Huge Faction Confusion

All classes except tank warriors should join liches (kill reavers) Why? The reaver shop sells items with heat damage and defense; Lich shop sells cold damage and attack for ranger. I know reaver rogue neck gives defense as well. Not sure for Mage or Druid. And reaver shop amulet for warrior gives s...

Re: Lich VS reaver

Lich items give cold damage and attack on ammys
Reaver items give heat damage and defense. (At least for rangers and rogues, warrs get attack in reaver shop ammys)

I’m a ranger that went reaver. I gotta claw my way back to good graces with the Lich :( hope this helps

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