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Re: Missing items

Braera lvl 154 Belenus Still open, notified the team, unfortunately they take some time to resolve due to the work involved. Apologies. Still waiting on a response from a July 4 ticket. Can you provide me with character name and world the ticket was submitted on? Thanks Thank you for looking into it

Re: Missing items

Support are working through missing items tickets currently but due to the lengthy process of item tracking there will be delays. Please include the full names of missing items as it helps them track faster. Thanks I still have not got a reply regarding my missing items. Does that mean they’re just...

Missing items

I have had items come up missing on my account in belenus. I've sent tickets in to support, and pmd muldar regarding this on forums. Which in return told me to write another ticket in game. It included all details of items that were missing. Month later still no reply. Please address this issue, tha...

I can not get Freeze skill!

I am Braera MacGiffi a lvl 217 ice mage in mabon, and I have yet to receive the freeze skill. I understand I need the red book quest, that can be found in castle. But when I click on the mage for the quest, it doesn't do anything. I would like to help at gelebron with freezing crystals! Lol please h...

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