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Re: Xfering items from Arawn to Crom

Welcome Elrond! On the note of boring I beg the differ. Every server has its uniqueness and its own level of progression. We support each other in clan in development and listen to what clannies want when it comes to all aspects of the game. I can't hit every topic or say we are this or that but Cro...

Re: Ring bosses with 3 toons

Somber my dps set up is: - Void mordy attack focus helm - Full edl - x2 godly totem rings dex vit - x2 spider Imp lighting - lux bracer (L) 80 cold damage/100 str I think those are the stats? - Lux bracer (R) 100 heat damage (bracers sometimes ill switch out depending how hard the 5 star hits using ...

Re: Ring bosses with 3 toons

From experience I can solo 5 star stoner in about 18 mins with /energy/ armor/def lix and many other druids I believe can solo 5 star stoners, with the right gear and stats. 6 star, I belive the best combo is a druid and mage or rogue it will be a long fight though. I wouldn't recommend though soloi...

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