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Re: Animated companions

The team are going to gradually improve these systems once they are released to make them even better depending on feedback Here is some feedback. Dont bother releasing a 'companion' that is equipped in mainhand slot. Massive disappointment for players who wanted a companion to fight alongside with.

Re: Shared skill damage

Yes skills like shatter and rupture which deal damage + another effect will still deal damage even if they are resisted. The only thing being resisted is the extra effect applied which is armor reduction with shatter and dot with rupture, because there is a stronger debuff on the boss already.

Re: dPS or hybrid?

Hybrid is an ineffective way of being both tank and dps. If you want to level fast, or contribute to boss dps, u need to go full dps. And if you want to tank, u need to go full tank. But it costs alot of alt and rebirth books to constantly switch between roles, so if you want abit of both without bu...

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