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Just logged in and the first thing i see is someone saying i thought you quit.

Just to be clear i did not quit, i had exams and my ipad was messed up.


Has anyone else realised/bothered by when you are patching the game it says glacial but in game it says frozen?

Re: Once again aggy goes down :)

Nice going prime on new record taking aggy down in ten minutes. With mininal loss. Also just wanted to thank lawdogg for being our cheerleader as thats all hes good for. And we happy to show them how its actually done properly. Pssst just to let you know we have killed in 8 mins and last attempt ar...

Re: Time to clear the air I guess?

1. Funnish corrected my texting grammer 2. Dogma they are simply responding to what you put out directly attking them Can I just say? I don't even know why you have felt the need to even get involved It does not concern you, nor fromen, the information I posted up was background information that yo...

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