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The Reason We Play

I've heard alot of veteran players say that the only reason they log anymore is because of the people, and even then it's seldom due to the use of third-party apps that allow much easier communication than having to boot up the game. These people don't actually PLAY so much as sit in the castle and ...

OTM`s Aspirations

So the team is doing well on the mobile market, but do you guys have goals to widen your scope and produce (a) other games (b) multi-platform versions of those games (or just Celtic) ? Also, I'm sure by now that other companies have offered to make you part of their fold, seeing the work you've all ...

Re: thanks otm..

i see many people are getting impatient for a update and attempting to fight with admins.. not nice :c personally i would rather wait than have a unfun buggy update :) on a positive note: i am extremely greatful for your work and customer service otm :) very helpful admins and 'tadaah' been killing...

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