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Re: Kudos to VR team

SPLEND1D wrote:my game is still crashing after the update. :/

That's odd.. My game and Google Play Store were both acting weird earlier as well. My Play Store did this while downloading.

But everything is running smooth now.

Oi Nice One, VR

You guys did it, fixed the game. Nice job, I'm very pleased and impressed. No longer trapped in castle just opening chests lol. It's great you guys got the update released so quickly, and many of us appreciate that now that the patch is here, but it wouldn't hurt next time around to take a bit more ...

Re: The ones who can't play yet

I can play, albeit with constant stutter and frame rate drops. It doesn't even seem to have to do much with the graphics detail as when I lowered mine to minimum I got the same amount of lag as it was at higher settings.

Let's hope that the coming Platinum sale brings a a hotfix alongside it.

Re: Those of Us Left

Warson, Rikitt, Squid and Tyrant, glad to hear from you guys :) Hope y'all are doing well out here in the real world as well.

Loving the turnout as of now, there's a lot more people still around than I'd thought. Anybody else out there?

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