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Re: Urgent Issue with Fyber, please don’t ignore. I am owed platinum

nbaplaya20 wrote:How long will I have to wait?

Give them time. They are a small team and they have many other people to respond to. They will reach you soon enough; if you feel it is too slow I'd recommend sending a PM over to Muldar or Esquilax, both are very sweet and helpful.

Oh happy day~

Re: Why wont they help/Respond

Devs will NEVER ask for your password. Be sure you are mailing support@onethumbmobile.com If you get a response asking for username, platinum purchases, or characters on the account- they will read that. Do not spam them, give them time as they have many other players to read appeals from not just y...

Re: The beta?

Can't ask for a beta when non stop complaints about log in issues lagging and otm sucking. Why should they work hard for the crap talk they get. i will not thank OTM until they start listening to the community It is technically their game. They have full creative rights, so listening to the playerb...

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