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Re: Class Rolls vs. All Rolling

Does anyone besides me remember what it was like on Epona before there were dice to do rolls? If you weren't in the group you were outta luck and it was very much a popularity contest on occasion. Does anyone remember all of the growing pains and different methods we went through to end up with the ...

Re: Eponas new roll rules

In my opinion, it should be you roll for the class you bring to the boss, unless specifically asked to bring a different one. For example, coks brings his warrior to a fight because he wants reds, but there aren't enough Druids to kill the boss. He can then say 'if I can still roll for red I'll bri...

Re: Beltane is coming to an end!

I (and probably many more from Epona) are very sad to see this event come to an end soon. Yes I would like new chests and a change of scene however, we very rarely get ammy drops (neck slot) from Garanak so many players, myself included have no complete sets. I have camped Garanak regularly since da...

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