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Systems for dom clans

Can someone copy and paste the systems designed for boss drops and such on dom servers? I’m interested on what systems others use because I feel like the dicing rolling system is too corruptible, too many people making alts and double tripping rolling on my server, just trying to understand what has...

Selling quest and novelty’s UPDATED

x8 purple gems x6 purple urns x16 purple idols x9 purple eggs X5 water obsidian X5 fire obsidian X5 earth obsidian X4 air obsidian x6 mind obsidian X2 purple serpent X1 purple stag X6 purple bear X2 purple lion X3 blue earth X4 blue rock X1 blue serpent X1 blue hound X1 blue hawk X2 blue stag X1 blu...

Re: Medical Marijuana

Medical? I say yes, if moderated and it also means it'll be regulated for quality under the FDA or its country-equivalent. Recreational? I say no. Smoke inhalation of any sort isn't healthy and marijuana does predispose to things like COPD, schizophrenia and pneumothoraces (air trapped in the linin...

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