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Re: Alright Please make some item that can reset faction or something to help

I'm just curious, but how long is "quite sometime" and how does it compare to how long it took you to get to tier 3-4 initially? I know it took a lot of people a huge amount of time to grind their way from 0 to 4 when the gardens were first released, and I'm just curious as to whether it'...

Alright Please make some item that can reset faction or something to help

This has been a heinous grinding and I don't see anyhope, it is quite difficult to get from negative status to high tier like +3 or 4. I have been farming for quite sometime but to no avail. This is a big waste of time, I hope there is an option to reset everything to neutral status so that we could...

Re: Price of this items

pandanda wrote:
Laplace wrote:Spooky White hunter set (Aeon/ Non-Aeon)
Spooky White huntmaster mask

I really want to know, Ill save up money if need to.

Last time I saw it was sold, it was 18m just for set

25m for the set. Heard it was a fair price. Not sure if there are any sellers out there. Know of them?

Re: I am quite happy with their replied over the months. Maybe This will remind us of the future.

Some of our suggestions actually take about 2 years to get into the game so fingers crossed this could be soon, I reckon they already have a two year plan and our suggestions get put to the back, the ones that they consider anyway. Now expect a lot of end game players to comment on this saying they...

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