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Re: Global Castle feedback

Sure the intention behind joint Castle was good, but it was not the right place. As long as the only intended interaction is talking, looking at equipped gear and PvP fighting, it would be great to have a Whole separate zone for this, a completely new Twilights zone, where Inventory is unavailable a...

Re: Pegasus

At the time we made Pegasus, Lugh hadn’t killed Gelebron in at least a couple of months, Prot and Necro only once, and even the bosses everyone jumps at like Unox 6 and Skain, were left gathering dust. A Skain 6 up for days.. imagine that lol. I remember having to lix around a Unox 6 in 215 room fo...

Re: Pegasus

If it wouldn't have been for Pegasus being formed this server would be dead. Of course not, Rob;-) The establishment or replacement of a dominant clan does not save a server, the establishment of Alliance as a dom clan in many ways killed off Lugh as we knew it, and most of my old clannies left aft...

Re: History of lugh and the clans

Pfft toycat never ruled the server bahaha. BERSERKERS were more powerful than ancients and in the time that zerks lost their power, syndicate took over. Ancients were always a large collection of players but never had the man-power to "rule" the server. Toycat never tried to rule the serv...

Re: Does Ricktor still play?

Hi, Stefball.
Its been a few months since last time I saw Ricktor randomly drop in for some shouts in the castle. Havent seen him actually playing for ages. Then again I am not among the most active players in Lugh;-)

Trading for Vials


Im trying to complete occult armour on Pointy, and i need minor and common vials.

I will give lesser, greater and grand vials in trade to make sure those who can help dont lose out on the deal;-)

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