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Return gold from trade

I know I know, the title sounds dumb. But hear me out. My friend RabadonDeathcap from Epona server bought a mount for 1.75 mil that was apparently scammed from someone, but he didn’t know. OTM/CH support took the mount without returning the gold. So naturally, he requested for his gold to be returne...

Re: Selling items.

Ummmmm I never had a white Hunter set.

I sold the white fg and the yellow Hunter sets.

And I never said anything about 1,600,000 gold...

Selling items.

20% Nimble cloud.
Rarest enchanted armour charm.

Taking offers for:
Yule 70% shop wings
White fg set
Yellow Hunter set
Black pirate eyepatch
Growth/shrink charm

Update** All is sold

Ign (in game name) Lord Death. Rather you pm/mail me in game but commenting here is fine too.

Re: Good rogue spear build?

I'm currently in spear rogue build level 199 I have enough hp to survive then I made 1k strength and rest in dex so for your level I recomend using ancient bestbone for the skills you use eg gloves for qs helm for ss then for the other armour I would use obsidian for the poison damage but as soon a...

Good rogue spear build?

Heyoo, my name is Lord Death, I'm from epona. I recently bought a Darkbolt Mord Spear and someone told me I should keep for 180.... But I'm currently 150. So what's a good spear rogue build? P.S. My equipment is this. Offhand: 150 conquest axe Jewelry: 140 pathfinder falcon (str/dex set) Str/sneaky/...


Gday epona!

Either buying/selling purple lanrik (I have boots and gloves)
yellow egg (gone)
dex/magic dmg mord darkbolt spear
Yellow lanrik gloves.
Purple Wyldwood top
Comrak bladeleaf ring

Sincerely Lord Death of Epona.

Re: I'm not even playing much

. Who? some guy named jenthefirst... did some nasty scamming. be careful i heard he's still playing but maybe he just doesnt give a damn anymore idk Smh, this is clear proof of how lax OTM's policy on scamming is. A scammer can openly admit to scamming and still walk away freely. It's because all t...

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