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Spectral Ring of the Huntsman

White or Black barding of Demonheart or Frostbite

Unleashed Oni Set (any color)

Mount tokens

180+ Warrior gear

Buying/Selling Items

Focus of the Mystic - 350k

Golden Blade of Fire - 150k (SOLD)
White glove token - Offer
Pink token set - Offer

If you have what I am looking for or want to buy anything mail me in game, (IGN: Kolei), to let me know. Thanks :D

Xfering from Gwydion

Hello, my IGN on arawn is Kolei. I'm going to come back from the little break I took, but some of my gold is on gwydion. I want to xfer 350k from gwydion to arawn. If you're interested please mail me if any questions or on kik @tobar818

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