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Re: Time to say goodbye

Cheers DD :)

Donko il mail u my kik username,

I dont mind this update- but theres zero content, i mean why wait almost a year and bring out a update where unless you bossing theres no storyline quests or xp quests?? Just grind lvls which means buying plat..... Strange

Re: Time to say goodbye

Why not?? Why spend money on something that makes you so uptight?? You lose real life mobey if u get scammed??? Your fault for getting scammed.... People only ever get scammed because there greedy or stupid

Cheers RA who knows, am still poppin in to read mail, good luck with it all mate

Re: Time to say goodbye

Cheers donko, Same to you mate, enjoy them trips to france. Deathreavers post above is exacty the sort of thing that has driven me away from the game, to many kids with to much to say for themselves!! Theres just no meaning to the game- grinding/farming!!! Much better when it was wuest driven instea...

Time to say goodbye

After 2 1/2 years maybe 3 this game has just drained every ounce of patience out of me, cant be bothered to keep waisting money grinding and really cant be arsed coming home from work to do dailies and listening to 13 year old kids running there mouths. Defiant and chosen days were awsome met some r...

Re: DeathDruid quit

So sad!! :( this happened to magu in the arena the other day another 'clan mate' apparently lagged! Shame dd, hope u and family all stay safe and well,

Miss the old defiant days!!

Take care

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