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Re: Global Auction House

This basically comes down to a few servers being broken and then requesting change to every worlds politics to fix your broken server. Huge -1. Some people chose the world they are on due to clan mechanics such as dkp clans, and having items kept in clan. They prefer have items locked away to clan o...

Re: chest drop rate too bad!

I get that chests are a form of gambling, and I get that vr needs to make money to survive. But when I spend money on chests to gamble I do not win real life money that I get to put back in my pocket. That’s a choice I make to fund a game I enjoy. But if I am dropping hundreds of dollars on a gamble...

Re: New item drop locations

I got this drop with the help of a friend on Danu. This bracer is confirmed to drop from a rare 5* troll in the Mordris pit. Our mob was a 189/5 red troll. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the mob. Thank you!!! I've edited the original post. Can you clarify the effects of the brace pleas...

Re: DG sets on your server

72 full sets :O what server are you on?! That's crazy! Balor has 2 in total I think :/ No hahaha I'm just kidding. I actually don't know how many is on my server I'm done with end game. Actually I'm on Arawn which I think LadyNemeria is on so 25. LadyNemeria is on Donn If you mean ladynymeria she’s...

Re: Drop rates

No information has been given. Drop rates for anything good are probably worst out of any chest the game has had. Full of aeon and several old fash types that should have been removed by now. Mount tokens seam super rare compared to how they were. These are just my observations tho.

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