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Sad to see you go

Sad to see baddboy move on, i don't know why you quit and i know we had bumps in our friendship, but you were still a great friend. I hope you best of luck in the realworld and know you'll be missed. Come back soon


Aggy ranger braces
40+ dmg rings
All yellow crests
Frost orbs
Ymir's spear
Pm or mail tinywarrior in game if you're interested in any.

game idea

hey everybody :) as the title says this topic is about ideas i had for Celtic heroes. These aren't really ideas that help with leveling or fixing classes or anything like that. They are more for an interest and content factor of the game. These ideas that i have are more for ways to stop bordem duri...

Re: A new type of bank

So your idea is that you pay full price plus 15k for an item that you get for two days then Mail back? So for example if i wanted to borrow your hero gloves i pay 165k then mail back after two days? Or i could just buy hero gloves from someone else for like 100k, i mean i think we all what the bette...


I took a bit of a break and went to crom for a bit because of 'stuff' that was going on in arawn. But I'm back now.
So yea see you all in game

Re: A new type of bank

Hey everyone! Yesterday I was brainstorming and I came up with a plan on how to put the bank to use and by making money. So it works like this you pay me 100k to become a items holder. I then add you to the list. So say a item holder has some hero gloves and someone is not sure if they want to buy....


Look out for someone called Cromssupport, someone pretending to be from otm trying to scam people.

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