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2knive's Blowout Sale!

Selling all of the follow - Prices may be negotiable. If you see me in-game, PM me. If I'm offline, please drop a mail. Mounts 1 x 100% Speed, 60 HP/Energy Regeneration, 1,000 Piercing Damage Attack - 3M 2 x 90% Speed, 30% Camouflage - 1M (500K ea) Consumables 45,000 x Idols - 4.5M (100g ea) 11,500 ...

Sellin some stuff ~!

Yuletide Sled (40% Speed) Lesser Earthstone Gloves Lesser Soltice Helm Battlemist Diamond Icon Dread Mask of Midnight (25 Foc, 25 Armor) Malevolent Mask of Midnight (15 Foc, 15 Armor) Mage Regal Bp 75k legs 60k boots 20k Post or PM Offers ill try to be on Arawn most of the day but if im not, then im...


S8rr wrote:Full darkflame

iliketrainsgf was selling dArkflame -no bp

Re: Clan Fear

Alphachicken wrote:Alpha9
already in clan
Thats what you can put basically. The last question is a required no hehe.

Hey Hey Hey There!
You may answer the last question seriously :D
I Suggest you put a good answer..... :twisted:

Clan Fear

Hey Guys~ [Fear Clan Recruitment ON] ^ Funny. Anywho, we of the clan Fear are currently recruiting! Here's how things work in here. Forum Recruitment Form IGN: Level: Motives (Why do you want to join): Alts you may want in clan: Is 2knives the coolest person ever: Requirements The level requirement...

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