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Re: Ammy Nerf

Based on current economies, even lux has to keep improving. Without improvement, there would be no need for someone who spent 1.5 mil on the last ammy to buy chests to sell to earn for the new one.

Re: Regen Gear

I would be happy to see regen added to quest line armor. Start with +3 hp/energy per piece with warden and increase by 1 for every quest. It wouldn't be op. +15 total at lvl 80 isn't a ton, but it does help. It could also be modified per class. Rogues and rangers could have even points, warriors hav...

Re: Where the noobies go?

^ Doubling the gold drops would help. By the time you finished quests in Lirs and moved to shalemont, you would be able to afford a full Farcrag armor set. It would put you about where you need to be. Even wih double gold, someone would still have to farm to get better vendor armor every time they w...

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