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Re: Direct merchant tips

Buy 5m worth of plat This. Realistically, at that level (assuming you have 0 experience with the game), it would take a long long time for you to achieve your goal.. Only way it could happen is if you started hosting dice or got lucky with a host. Do yourself a favor and just waste money. My friend...

Fragile china merchant

Fragile china is my merchant, and I have already earned over 10k in a couple minutes. This was only possible because of the beloved people here. This character ca be contacted anytime it's online, and I ask that everyone spreads the word. Donations are carpeted, and are greeted with a shoutout. Than...

Re: The Evolution of CH

I get that events generate revenue, that otm makes money by releasing something new and shiny on a regular basis. And I think that is beneficial all around. But just because it isnt as shiny any more doesnt mean it should go away. I dont think people should be able to farm skain til the end of time...

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