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Hey all my friends, just letting you all know I am no longer playing CH, I will miss you all, Thanks for all the help throughout the game :)


Hahahahha vult. Credit where's it's due that was one funny scam. Shame on you gandalf. As we both we'll know vult the nicer you are on danu the more your taken advantage of. Not completely true, there are some players in Danu that dont take advantage of the helpful players. If you are a nice player...

Re: New player

Hiya I'm DragonFox lvl 102 rogue, Welcome :)! If you ever need help just ask, im willing to help whoever needs it sounds like you are nub. :lol: :lol: :lol: Lol, Not completly wrong LOL. I do suck at this game (i dont play many rpg or mmo games) but I'm just trying to be kind and helpful to others.


does anyone know the general times for when updates will be released? If its different times for different places I live Manitoba in Canada. Thanks

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