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Re: Advice on pure DPS build

Sorry I guess I forgot that pure dps means full str builds. I guess I also forgot that with low attack you miss more frequently and that doesn't effect dps. I guess I also forgot that rogues with no hp die a lot faster and that dead rogues and rogues death penalty put out ridiculous amounts of dps....

Re: Question

Armor quests give the best armor in game. Leveling up allows you to make better gold to buy lux and attempt harder bosses that drop better gear. At lv100 focus on armor quests and lixing. Save your gold for lix and post 150 lux

Advice on pure DPS build

I am pretty happy with my build as is but am debating using a skain set instead of godly sneaky charm. Also would switching to mordy str spear increase dps? Full DL 200 haste dagger offhand 200 lux dagger main hand I use 200 lux regen ammy Godly sneaky charm 3 lv200 valor rings 2- 80 hrung 300 cunni...

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