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Re: Freeze & Incinerate

Freeze will stun a boss for five seconds or until someone hits them. It is point dependent in terms of what level it works on, meaning that to hit a high level boss, you have to have a lot of points in it. Personally, I found it helpful for solo levelling or for working in a pair, but with a large ...

Freeze & Incinerate

Freeze & Incinerate, what do they both do exactly, and which should i worry about getting first?

And comparison to the other attacks you get primarily? (Ex; Fire ball, Ice shards)

Re: What Mage Skills to Level

Caliban wrote:Hi- thee are about 5 threads on just the first page of the Mage section of the forum dealing with this topic. There are many ways to build a Mage and those are talked about there... A lot. Good luck!

Ahh haha! (Didn't think to look)
Thanks! xD

Re: What Mage Skills to Level

Well you can't use meditate when being attacked... lava terrain burns you therefore it is like you're being attacked... That is in Otherworld. Ohhh. Thats right! Okay. What should i max out skill wise? im thinkin fire cloak, fire ball, then Energy Boost, and left overs go for Recuperate if i max ou...

What Mage Skills to Level

What skills are the best to max out? And what is better, meditate, or Energy boost? I'm wondering what's best to max, because idk if i should max all my attack skills, or just some attack skills and some on healing and mana skills? Also, what are the new mage skills you get for those 2 quests, and w...

Re: bAI Evray Wons!

Hmm i think 6 or so posts is good enough for me atm:) told u was using u I'm sure you were? It doesn't really effect me at all.. so.. yeah... I'm done talking to you, because you just don't ever make any sense, and i need to socialize with people on a more intelligent level, as myself... Also, i'm ...

Re: bAI Evray Wons!

I have no problem with my thought procces u just have the lack of skill to xplain stuff and btw im using u atm... This post is just to make u mad and up my forum ranking You think i'm getting mad? LOLOL. I couldn't be in a better mood laughing at your logic. And i explain things fine. You obviously...

Re: bAI Evray Wons!

He to nooby to no how to lock the topic and i did not understand that last post cathulu I know how to lock the topic. You're dumb. Also, if you cannot understand perfect grammar, AND English, then there is something wrong with you. Especially if you're speaking it.. Well, imperfectly that is. Your ...


Notsofast wrote:
SpiritHealer wrote:Guffy reminds me of SmellyUnder and the maker of the post is like bandit who cries for attention.

Do you really wanna bring this back even though it just ended?

Thank you <3 !!

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