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Re: Celtic Heroes Database

for those that still want to use the site you can go onto a website called 'wayback machine' which stores an incredibly large amount of site archives and by typing in the old data base site url in you can use the site exactly as it was as of september 12th 2017 (or further back in time for whatever ...

Re: GOT my Chicken chaser prizes and here's my review

definitely a higher lvl chicken pet, also idk how much asset design it would take to put a hat on it but that would be cool and unique though not completely necessary, the higher lvl chicken pet would be fine. mostly just something to justify the time spent on the competition and maybe even somethin...

Re: Final Chicken Chaser competition results! - Pending Review

what was the point of giving second place a particle mauve hat and a normal mauve hat? at what point would someone decide to wear the normal one over the particle one. would have been much better to give a particle mauve and a normal teal so second place winners could at least have two different hat...

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