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Re: T8

Curry30423 wrote:Just wondering, how many rangers actively use the t8 offhand? I’m really trying to but I can’t stick with it and go back and forth between edl and t8.

I use it. If I didn't have an imp dbl shot rc brac, I would stick with edl

Re: Contest Prizing!

Hey Heroes! We want your feedback and ideas. Specifics! We CANNOT add new items to the game, as you know. So we're playing around with ideas for prizing right now. Below: We'll give you some examples (not set in stone) of things we've been tossing around. We'd like to know your thoughts. Example A:...

Re: Deleting Quests

DannyDemonic wrote:Was this resolved?? I see this post is from 5yrs ago, but here I am, trying to delete the Duskshadow quests and there's still no way to remove them

Click the checkbox and forget about em

Re: More than a game

Why are people so narrow minded? Games play different roles for different people. For some it's a escape from reality and to others it's just a time filler when they are bored. You can say it's just a game because for others it isn't, maybe to your personal self it's seen as only a game but to anot...

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