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Re: Soloed Ythair

Umad because im saying the truth?? Noone payed me i did this out my self. Im just saying the truth of a good player.

Re: Soloed Ythair

Sorry that im saying this, anyone who is saying bad things about Scar is just ******. He is one of the best guys in the world Donn, if u ask him something and he have time he WILL help you. :x thats what i think.

What do you guys listen to ?

So people of the forums.
I had an question : ''What do you guys listen to, like what styles.''
I mostly listen to trap & rap.
And i really wanted to know what you guys like :lol: .

Please dont make fun of anyone him / her music style.
Everyone has their own taste ;).


ItHello heroes on the forums, I have a lvl 108 rogue and 2,3 to spend on gear. I was thinking about what to buy. Any tips?

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