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Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

This entry comes from a brother sister cross worlds fingal danu Hammy Harmon collaboration! We thought about what the game was lacking so far and that’s when we came up with a cooking pet and you may ask “what’s the point in a cooking pet?” Well more mastery is the point so peoples can get their bar...

Re: Removing ban on bank?

This is just gonna get deleted sadly but ya I'm on day 10 now of being banned. Left stranded without anything because I'd just started on fingals a month prior to this happening. I wouldn't be such a negative Nora if it wasn't for the fact I mailed them the day it happened and on Thursday I finally ...

Re: I've been randomly banned?

For account appeals you will have to contact appeals@onethumbmobile.com, appeals can only be processed via this channel. If you can provide them with the answers to these questions it will help speed up the process: - Username for account - - Registered email - - When account created/last played - ...

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