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New timers?

Hey, I haven't played in a while and i heard all timers for bosses have changed. Anyone have all the timers for all the edl bosses? Snorri, sreng End game bosses etc. I'm sure theres a post somewhere with all this relevant information. If someone could copy and paste or guide me to the correct post ...

Re: Are you kidding me???

^^ I had to look up the definition on this one, and after comparing the true definition to my post... It makes zero sense what so ever :lol: "It makes zero sense what so ever" Because they teach the meaning of those terms in about grade 6. You've still got about 2 years till that grade. A...

Re: Defense

There's no really set amount ofcourse past ur 6-7k base def. The right numbers etc help but those numbers u can gather mostly from just putting urself out there and learning on bosses. Analyze each boss as its own and adjust as you go. There is no right build. I know many endgame tanks on different ...

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