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Re: Too Easy to Scam in CH

Hey Heroes, Just let you know, myself and Morgana will be talking to our Programming Team this week to see what steps we can take to prevent issues like these happening and improve trade security going forward. We have investigated a number of fake account names today and will be taking action short...

Re: Game is laggy and broken

We've found an internal server error that appears to be causing the reported issue. A fix has been deployed and Fingal server will restart in roughly an hour for the changes to take affect (Server warnings will be sent out shortly) Actions on the server have been logged and tracked for further inves...

Re: Why does OTM support clan bank stealing?? || OTM Please Answer

Hey Heroes, First off, I would like to say I totally understand your frustration. The clan bank system in our game has needed to be addressed for some time and updated to provide better support and security for clans. I've ensured your feedback has been heard by the team, we are in the process of ev...

Re: Multiple Issues

Hey Everything, Unfortunately, we do not have control over in game offers, they are controlled by 3rd party companies. If you have issues with them then you need to use the 'Need Help?' or 'Missing Plat?' links at the bottom of the Offerwalls to send a support ticket directly. Once you have confirma...

Re: Unban appeal

Hey Zero,

Appeals tend to reply by Friday each week, however some appeals may have a longer review time depending on the case.

I'll take a note of your details and check in with the Appeals Team on Monday as to the status of your email.


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