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Re: Lost account

Hey, Looks like the Support Team sent an in-game message? It is possible that it was missed. "Hello, can you tell me roughly when was the last time you accessed your other two accounts? Thank you" If you could send in a ticket with a reply to that question I can flag it for review :) Cheers

Re: Got banned.

To appeal a ban please contact Appeals@onethumbmobile.com with the following information: - Username for account - - Registered email - - When account created/last played - - Character(s) name(s) on the account - include deleted ones if you can remember them - - Character levels on the account - - C...

Holiday Season

Hey Heroes, Just a small reminder that as we are approaching the holiday season there may be a slight slow down in tickets / social media / forums, as staff travel and prepare for Christmas with their families. I'll still be around for awhile on the forums but with limited staff numbers some of my t...

Re: Registering an email

I’ve been trying to register my email on my toon and it doesn’t send an email verification. Ive had the account for years and dont remember if i have already registered an older email, it just doesn’t show me that there was or wasn’t one already. Any help would be awesome! Thanks :) Hey Super, Can ...

Re: Conflicted Accounts

I have 2 accounts conflicted 1-Username:aboody World:epona Rogue lvl 107 i think , name:aboody 2-Username:aboody107 World:epona Ranger lvl 113 i think , name:kan3ki Can i have it back please And i say i think because its been long time play this game so ya... Looks like you may just have incorrect ...

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