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Re: Beta

Rogue4Life wrote:I didn’t receive the automated reply!!!!! Hope I still have time to apply again? Or @Muldar fix my details if that’s the issue

Yeah I found the issue "@hotnail.com"

I'll update it prior to beta.

Re: My ability to chat

I have been having a difficulty with my on-screen-keyboard changing to all numbers and not being able to change it back to letters which makes communicating limited to 0-9. I can counteract this effect by closing out my game and opening it again but sometimes it just happens randomly when I'm talki...

Re: Thanks Muldar for your quick reply

Been a few days I’ve still had no reply’s... I aim to reply within 48 hours but due to my busy schedule there can be delays. Your appeal still appears to be in the queue for processing. As it is related to your item history the Appeals Team will need extra time to review your case. Thanks for your ...

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