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Re: Game play in Belenus

This quite the same thing on rhiannon too ,i havent been around since beggining but i know that the top clan right now has been dominating server for around 2-3 years and im on second clan which is around one year or so. It does get frustrating at times since they still got the upper hand but our cl...

Re: What ammy

If u compare them stargem is for more overall dmg while wyld gives a skill so up to u ,i prefer my stargem set any day over wyld tho ,better regens more dmg and wyld just a lame skill ,while the dmg u get off stargem adds to autos and other skills so yea up to u. Not to mention the dex boost isnt th...

Re: What ammy

As dps yes its worth it and for tank brace and ammy are still very good however gara skain and some other rings are better stat wise since ring adds 50 armor 200 def but gives about 45 hp regen with aura when put on so your choice

Re: Beltane Has Been Released!

I understand thanks for the quick reply.however what i dont understand is that when i click to update it shows me a window saying:this app requires ios 6 to download,or click here to download the last compatible version.I proceed to download that and the game starts downloading something,I did this ...

Re: Beltane Has Been Released!

Why did the ios requirenment increase......when i try to download it says i dont meet the requirenments and gives me an option to download the last compatible version.I download that and when i go to game it says download the update again.I know my device is lower than 6 ios but i was playing fine b...

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