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Re: What made you choose your name?

once upon a time in a land called KoM, my ign was Zero. One of my mates on the game kept spelling my name wrong (spelled it Zore...idk he was Nigerian or something) And one time I was on my man period and the git spelled my name wrong again so I said ... ITS. FKN. ZERO. So that's where the its fkn p...

Re: Celtic Heroes storyline?

Gelebron named his tower Gallan Marrek. This Star Wars character is named Galen Marek http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Galen_Marek So my question is: how big of a Star Wars fan is Gelebron? ;) Gallan Marrek is actually the name for the center point reached through perfect mediation by a Druid. Hence ...

Re: Celtic Heroes storyline?

My family is very Irish and we are actually neo-pagans so playing celtics heroes is like listening to stories my grandfather tells. This story line actually throws together some stories that aren't exactly chronological but are as follows: Crom is an evil deity who wants to release evil from the oth...

Re: Buying yule cloud and sled

ryanikey wrote:i remember these clouds were awesome and sleds are the best carpet is my favourite though, if i still had my sled and carpet i would sell them to you. Good Luck searching for them

Do you happen to know who u sold to?? :)

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