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Re: Game Dying?

More new players are needed and reasons for those new players to keep playing. I just started playing again and a few new players have approached me asking different questions. When explaining how to do things, like camping, world bosses, etc they get discouraged. This game is very similar to Everq...

Re: New improved drop rates!

Seeing his gear on the background,.... it's sarcasm.

This game is gonna be the same old same for years on end.

All they added is cosmetic content and a bit of fishing which is nothing new. OTM should be ashamed.

Anyways a bit early but best wishes and a happy new year :P

Re: What is celtic heroes now

I am getting statistics from more than 1 source plus having played the game for 2+ years. Maybe you should talk to richard and set up a meeting muldar :D. I understand you have to defend the game and OTM. But facts are facts. the playerbase is at an all time low and people are still sharing account...

Re: Drama??

Removed "Look for another game" I did, I have tried lot of game since 2 or 3 month, but none of them was enough fun for me. So I back, just change server :) Celtic Heroes is fun till you get to a certain point and then it stagnates completely. Endgame is just 1 boss and there is simply no...

Re: Drama??

I think people are forgetting that's this is not like a pc,ps4 or an Xbox. Idk what u guys expect, is an app. Don't expect to get everything u wantef. I think you completely missed the point. They want to be a full fledged MMORPG ( not a mobile MMORPG because then you would advance with only playin...

Re: What is celtic heroes now

You can make an appeal 3 times before permenently being banned which is ridiculous ( If there is enough evidence it should be permaban from the start ). So breaking the rules gets a to soft reprimande and OTM is actually to soft with following up the rules when broken, but because of the low player...

Re: What is celtic heroes now

@muldar, I don't understand how you lock post when it gets out of hand. But you don't seem to do anything to the people who where banned for account sharing. They get banned for like a day then come back and continue doing what there doing. No action is takin for it. I'm sure if you was to look at ...

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