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Clan Hunterz now open on Crom

Hunterz now open on Crom If your looking to escape real life stress. Want to chat with fellow and future friends while doing your daily’s, and bounties. If your active in another server Planing on stopping by and saying hi from time to time, you are welcome to put a toon in Hunterz. No clan bank- Hu...

Hi, Buying

Buying a 15% Royal Emberdrake Charm Of Fire Bolt or better
Buying Assassins and Magic Lure rings or misc +5 or better

Please PM or mail me in game
Thanks ❤️


Buying red Ensorcelled spidersilk set
Black party crown
Green, pink, SB yellow woads
SB Ard boots and gloves

Hank you for viewing :3

[blank] is a scammer

All of Crom , [blank], and [blank] know I have been looking for the max Vit kite for my ALT. So [blank] tricked me into thinking I bought a 12% Vit kite by showing the Vit kite. As I placed 400k, A red Wyld set, A yellow sang set A red sang set A orange sang set [blank] swapped the kite for a12% ene...

Re: Dear Crom

Kitt chill take a min and think bout things. I'm not tryin to upset u just telling you where I'm comming from. you stated your fellings n thoughts and I explained mine. I have all the stuff you donated in a separate bank when u take your break and chose to return find me I'll give them back to u. Ta...

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