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Re: 5th skill

So im tryin to decide what skill to make my 5th skill...i have vines,lightning,bark,nature touch... Im a hybrid looking to grp/solo lvl and was conflicted between storm or nat breath, breath to give me alittle more heal power and more usefulness for lvling and bossing, but storm would give me more ...

Re: Old Community VS current community (serious discussion)

The best days of CH and Mabon were, IMO, the Stonevale days. When dragon discs were expensive af and everyone was camping Falgren. The best armour was meteoric and the highest level mob was 90 and the highest level player was 104, I think? The dominant clan was Haven but Masmar had a shout, lol. Th...

Re: Ranger

how do people start off new with rangers and keep lvling i got to 15 and gave up for a rogue but i think i might make a new ranger as there are to many rogue but i love the damage i can do i have 4 points in skeaky and i can hit higher then a 8/10 sharpshot and my rogue is like lvl 5-6 and ranger w...

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